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Ally's story

Shadow Info
Alexandra Lee Rose
Song Lyrics/Shadow for now
Ally's story

How she met Shadow and how she became what she is today.

This story is based on my character Alexandra Lee Rose, before you can read it though here is a little info on her sister.
Her name is Abigail Tetra Rose, during Ally's time she was abused to a pulp by this girl.
In the fan-fic, you notice she comes back to assasinate her often just because of the fact that she's prettier than her. There is a season two to her stories. Feel free to add on your fics of Shadow and her or just add on to my story.
Other thingsto know: Ally has been on the ARK as well,but sadly her and Shadow never met due to the drama that was going on.
While Shadow was getting created and freaking over the Maria incident, Ally was running from her mecha deformed sister who was trying to kill her again.
They did ran pass eachother in the ARK. In the story you will later know that Maria had a cousin named Sarah who was friends with Ally. Before Sarah gave some information to Maria to save her and Shadow in the ARK, Maria has been shot up by the military, and Sarah and her father Stephen Robotnik were both assasinated and stabbed to death by Tetra's drill claw.
But before I can get to the story here's a bit of proof they did met in the ARK.
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