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Shadow Info
Alexandra Lee Rose
Song Lyrics/Shadow for now
Ally's story


Ally Rose, the female ultimate life... As a girl hedgehog, she's not really as bad as she looks even though I could'nt say much about the mood swings, she's a very sweet girl. Here are her facts:

(*Giggles*, that was another pic I made, I forgot to color her belt; it really sux that I forgot to color her belt ya' I know, I gotta fix that, she looks like crap but look in the bright side, it's better than nothing. You gotta know what she looks like ya know.)

Name : Alexandra Lee Rose
A.K.A Ally
Age: Immortal ( Around teen age 16'ish 17'ish)
Looks: Up thurr (The picture)
Race: Hedgehog, Demon, Dark Elimented.
Weapon: Shapeshifting hammer.
Abilities: Swim, Transformation(Not a good thing), Mesmerization, and Super Sonic speed.
Relations to Amy: After recent tragedies of drowning at age 6, her soul splitted up to two.
Attacks: Aphrodite's Hurricane- Wind attack.
Kiss of Hell- Time stop attack. Mesmerization for 25 seconds.
Giga force- Massive damage inflicted with hammer.
Giga destruction- Mega special attack.
Fave food: Pizza
Fave drink: Dr. Pepper.
Fave color(s): Red, Black, IceBlue.
Sign: Saggitarius
Personality: She still can be a sweet Rose like Amy is and even though she was severely abused by her sister when she was little does'nt mean she can't be nice.
(Her personality traits include: shady, rebelious, selfish *sometimes*,romantic, daring, adventurous and mischeivious)
Strengths: Rage, Opponent's fear, Her hammer, Her dark flying type chao; Thorn *I forgot to mention and her courage.
Weaknesses: Fear of her older sister, cute things, affection, being nice to others, and forgetfulness.
Other facts: She wasn't created, she was born. She was one of the first experiments of the space colony Ark exams.
Her sister abused her at a young age and still tries to hunt her down.
Her sister's the one who messed with the expieriment proccess (that' s why she' s prone to demon  form)
She kept her chao every since she was seven years old.
And she still carries the scars of the day her sister threw her down the stairs on her left arm.
SweetHeart: Shadow the hedgehog, she didn't really like him because she thought he was a bit shady. They used to get in fights alot.
Her relations with Shadow: They met at Station Square after he saved her from an Eggman Robot. Unfortunatly, she was too stuck up to use his help.


More to come... See why Ally Rose rocks.