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Shadow the hedgehog fanfiction

Shadow the hedgehog fan-fiction
“Deviant Rose” by Jinx the echidna

About the fan-fic: This is how Shadow met Ally Rose she is my made up creation ultimate lifeform. It starts out with Shadow telling the story then it goes on from there.

This is my Shadow fan-fic, hope you’ll enjoy.

Characters: Shadow the hedgehog (The main character)
Ally Rose (The black hedgehog)
Thorn (The dark flying type chao; she talks)
Zero 2.0 (The robot Zero at its revival *well actually he still looks like crap but still* pace from Sonic DX and X. Umm, green one)
Eggman (Not actually the real Eggman but he is actually one of the robots from Sonic Heroes)

May 11, Year unknown: I’ve traveled to my graveyard as I felt the wind rush against my quills. The sound of the melodic breeze comforted me telling me that dying wasn’t such a bad idea.

*Maria, my deed is done, I am ready to be with you now* I whispered under my breath.
I didn’t want it to be this way, I just knew I didn’t the chaos emerald was giving a loss power effect while my hyper form was getting distinguished. I closed my eyes wondering if this is what life should be, lonely, confusing, or maybe worthless. As my adventure started and ended, I noticed that blue hedgehog and his friends actually happy with friends always being there for him; something I’ll never have. Friends; happiness.

‘So what is life living for?’ I asked myself. The answer was pretty obvious to me though, it’s been clear to me so many times. These questions were supposed to answer who I am, my identity, my birth, my life, but in some obvious way, I will never get the answers. Not here, not ever… I don’t even know where I would even go next in the after life. Well figuring that I was created and wasn’t one of God’s creatures, I’d probably say that it’s eighther Hell or a point in life that I never existed.

The amount of power of the chaos emerald has endured long enough for my survival, such a waste; a feeling of despair has fluttered my heart as I was sinking in the sky. Death will only end my misery and it will soon end my life; the life I know I’ll never have.

(Shadow closed his eyes again and soon he started going through a short term sleeping stance. Everything all of a sudden went dark and there was nothing but a blurry, misshaped, eerie view. The image was no other than Maria, Shadow’s sweet, sweet Maria…)

She turned her face to me only; a look of sadness, yet there was no life in her eyes, I didn’t care.

“Maria… You’ve come back to me.” I said awkwardly. She turned her head and looked; for once she actually notices me again. “Maria, I’m done keeping my promise, I’m ready to go back with you.” With another glanced she gazed she looked at me, I felt like a fool nothing was working. I talked to her, still, no sound.

Did she come here to get me or is she just here to mess with me. It was all confusing and yet it started to get overwhelming. Maybe I didn’t do the mission right. Or maybe she just wants to leave me like everyone else did.

I stood there in silence thinking this dream was just a delusion; that I’ll never wake up. I’ve come all the way here just to die. The word struck me like a ton a bricks. It was the end of the world, my world; I started feeling distressed and uneasy it was all confusing.

She walks up to me with a slight smile on her face, the tension sort of scared me so I winced a little.

The feeling became so overwhelming to me that the thought of her just being here made begin to sob.

All of a sudden she grasped me with her cold arms and told me “There is only one Shadow”. I didn’t know what she was talking about so I paused and rubbed my tears. “The truth you seek,” she said “will be with you on your next journey to earth”

So what is she saying anyway, that I’ll actually find out why I was created or just another insinuating fact that is highly doubtful to go through my thick skull? Her words confused me and this was far too less of a reunion to celebrate, I stood there saying nothing. Her words were just nothing but an enigma to me and the horrific background brought me to confusion.

I kneeled down giving her a slight smile. “I’ll do what ever you want” I said; and so ends the dream with another pitiful view of the blue sky that lies before me as I awoke.

I looked over seeing the chaos emerald I had before my hand was gone and my right arm was injured badly with a bloody ringless glove. I laid here on this lake like puddle deciding my fate. The moon was shining in an unusual metal glow and the sky was dark. I was in a forest and the trees were invading my space.

*I guess this is it,* I thought to myself. *My deed is done Maria and nothing will stand in my way.* But what am I to do? Just stand here and do nothing? I know the promise I made to Maria has been successfully made but what am I to do next? I stood up slowly holding on to my right arm. The wind blew in a cold moderate speed. *I guess I should be going*

(Somewhere in the forest close to Shadow’s setting)

“System activation processing; awakening mode” a computer sounded voice alleged. A dark haired girl and a small creature appeared out of a chamber. Her eyes slowly opened looking at the pile of robot remains.*I guess my awakening was a success* she thought. “What is this place? “Ally asked Thorn dubiously. “Looks like a robo junk yard to me” Thorn said looking. “Come on Thorn; we should get out of here” Ally said stepping over the pieces of scrap. *Eww,* She thought.

Then all of a sudden. CRASH!!!! Something grabbed on to Ally’s leg. “Ahh!” she shrieked. “I should’ve awoken myself into another time!”

The robot held her up and gleamed at her with red platted eyes and the green paint looked rusted off. “Inferior being, give me the flicky!” It shotted at her. “What are you talking about you creep!” She said holding her dress. “I have no flicky!” “Then you must be eliminated!” It assumed.

“Not if I can help it “Ally said as her eyes lit up a violet pinkish tinge. Then within time an orange lighted figure appeared, it thrashed the robot, lifted Ally and then disappeared into the darkness.

“What was that?” Ally called. “Beats me,” said Thorn. “Let’s just stay here” She said while closing her eyes grinning. As soon as she opened them, within a blink of an eye Ally went off.

“Hey what are you doing?” Thorn said warily. “You could get killed out here, you know that” she said. Ally kept on going ignoring her. “Ally! Ally! Alexandra Lee Rose. You get over here---gasp---aaAARGG!” Thorn squealed at the trail of blood. “Be quiet!” Ally whispered in a livid voice. “Get me caught and we will get killed.” “Well sheesh, sor-ry” Thorn said feeling irritated.

Ally studied the trees that were marked with fresh blood. “Ally I’m scared” Thorn murmured. “Everything will be just fine” Ally advised. She looked over again and blushed. There was nothing but a red and black figure. He looked weak and he couldn’t stand up right as if he took a heavy blow. “He looks hurt” Said Thorn. “We should go so we wouldn’t get caught up in this” Ally took a couple of steps forward cautiously at that moment, he fell over.

“Ally, let’s go” Thorn said creeped out. “He already looks scary by distant what more if you get up close?” Ally kneeled over by Shadow’s slightly lifeless body. Then with a surprised voice she gave out an astonished gasp.

“He’s one of Professor Gerald’s experiments” She identified. “How do you know?” said Thorn. “They’re all dead.”

Shadow’s eyes slowly opened. “Are you o.k.?” Ally asked in a nervous voice still surprised that she’s seeing what she’s seeing. He nodded his head a bit and blushed. “You’re, you’re a black hedgehog,” he said in a serene voice. “I must be going crazy” “No, its o.k., I’m real. See.” Ally said while holding her hand up to his. His eyes glazed over in relief. “So it is true, I’m not the only one.”